We were told we could be anything we wanted.
If we set our minds to it, the world would be ours.
To follow our bliss, and  the money would follow. 
So what happened?

Many of us believe that we are destined to a life of greater purpose and deeper meaning.  After all, our parents and grandparents worked in order to give us a foundation to pursue a more authentic life.

We believe that we can have it all — happiness, wealth, success, security, spiritual insight, emotional stability, artistic creation, innovation, families, independence, love, and health.

We want to be the authors, artists, teachers of influence, leaders, filmmakers, and innovators of today, and of tomorrow. And so, we follow our bliss. Only the world isn’t cooperating.

This is our story.

We successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund this book. Thank you to all who participated!

Stay up-to-date on the book as it unfolds, from excerpts to interviews.


Mark T. Smith, Fine Artist

“What it Really Takes to Succeed in Fine Art.” Mark is a celebrated painter and accomplished fine artist.  While living in New York City, he made his living as an iconoclastic artist known for his highly recognizable paintings. Corporate patronage helped him become an increasingly recognizable figure in the crowded New York City art world, […]

Tripp Lanier, Host of New Man Podcast

“Why losing is an option, how to get over yourself, and why ‘having it all’ creates  losers.” Tripp Lanier: men’s coach, musician, father, husband, and host of The New Man Podcast: Beyond the Macho Jerk and the New Age Wimp. He’s interviewed experts from all walks of life, including: Tim Ferriss, Laird Hamilton, Ken Wilber, Dan Millman, […]

Sara Avant Stover, Author & Teacher

“How the belief ‘you can have it all’ can be a poison in the lives of modern women.”   How does the idea of your specialness, and “you can be anything you want to be” affect you in work, life, love, and even spiritual insight and practice? Is this an empowering belief, or one that can […]

Robb Smith, CEO & Entrepreneur

“The Millennials: Perfectly Prepared for a World that No Longer Exists.” Robb is a social entrepreneur who works on “transformational era” systems at the intersection of human development, education, spiritual understanding and civilizational sustainability. He holds a uniquely grand view of what’s happening in the world today and what makes Millennials unique. We get into nothing short […]

LiYana Silver, Couples Coach & Badass

“The problems and potentials of creating the life and relationship you most desire.” LiYana Silver is a professional troublemaker AND matchmaker. She councils couples and individuals on re-defining relationships, sex/intimacy, and how to be an incandescently happy human. She has a lot to offer on the idea that we can be anything we want to […]

Ken Wilber, Philosopher

“From the ‘Me Generation’ to the ‘MEMEME Generation’: The Unique Challenges Facing the Millennials.” Ken Wilber is one of the world’s foremost philosophers, with an expertise in integrating the mystical insights of the East with the clinical precision of the West. It has been said he “married Freud to Buddha.” Ken explains how the Baby […]

Alexis Neely, Serial (successful) Entrepreneur

“The path to true happiness and financial success means being supported, and supporting others.” Alexis Neely, AKA Ali Shanti, is a serial successful entrepreneur who runs a multi-million dollar business. She went from the “perfect” life — husband, children, successful attorney — into a crisis of meaning, and came out on the other side knowing […]

Jun Po Roshi – Zen Master & Provocateur

“You need a strong ego for real spiritual practice. If you don’t have one, you’ll never find yourself.” Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi is an acknowledged Zen master, with over 40 years of practice under his belt. Jun Po talks to me about narcissism on the spiritual path, what Awakening is, and how one can […]

Shawn Phillips – Coach, Author, & Entrepreneur

“We can move forward in life — in relationships, fitness, health — from a place of strength instead of a place of need.”  Author of the best-selling books ABSolution and Strength for Life, as well as thousands of articles on health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, and motivation, Shawn is a coach and mentor to men and an […]

Kelly Notaras – Sex & Relationship Expert

“Feelings of specialness cause so much trouble in relationships. We have to start by taking responsibility for what it ours. It’s not about not enough sex, or about the dishes not being done.” Kelly Notaras is former New York book editor, she left the big city in 2005 for a new life in Boulder, CO […]

Vincent Horn – Chief Geek at Buddhist Geeks

“The downside of believing you’re special is that you can get so  into your work – spiritual or otherwise – you stop noticing other people.”   Vincent Horn is a Buddhist Geek and digital innovator. In addition to being an experienced meditation practitioner and teacher, Vincent co-founded the popular media company Buddhist Geeks where he currently […]

David Riordan – Professional Songwriter, Producer

“As consumers of art, we need to have a discussion about what we’re willing to do to fund the art we want to see.”   David Riordan currently is the V.P. of Media and General Manager for Integral Life. His expertise includes producing television and webisode programming for cable networks and DVD distribution, designing interactive […]